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The Spiritualist By Megan Chance : Review

Book Description

Publication Date: May 27, 2008

Sometimes truth is the greatest illusion of all. 

In a cold January morning in 1856, Evelyn Atherton’s husband is found murdered after attending an exclusive séance. Having “married up” into New York society, Evie herself is the immediate suspect. Ostracized and vulnerable, she knows that to clear her name she must retrace her husband’s last steps. And so, joining forces with her husband’s best friend–and the only Manhattan lawyer who will accept her case–Evie dives into the mysterious underworld of the occult. 
Before long, the trail brings them to a charismatic medium, Michel Jourdain. Evie’s instincts tell her the smooth-talking Jourdain is a charlatan–and her only hope for exoneration. But getting close to Jourdain means embracing a seductive and hypnotic world where clues to murder come through the voices of the dead. 
Caught in a perilous game in which she is equal player and pawn, predator and victim, Evie finds there is no one to trust, perhaps not even herself. As her powerful in-laws build a case against her, and with time running out, Evie must face the real ghosts of her past if she is to have any hope of avoiding the hangman.


The Spiritualist sweeps the reader into the richly detailed world of upstairs/downstairs New York City of the 1850s. The heroine's life and sanity are at stake in this unique murder mystery, and compelling characterization and clever plot twists abound. There's not a ghost of a chance that Megan Chance's enthralling story will let you put it down.”
—Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Boleyn

“[The Spiritualist is] a suspenseful tale of dark obsession and erotic mysticism…Intricate plotting and elegant characterizations will keep readers turning the pages faster and faster toward the startling, unexpected conclusion.”
—Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author

"The Spiritualist is darkly mesmerizing historical suspense infused with a fabulously seductive supernatural atmosphere and riveting authenticity.”
—Amanda Quick, New York Times bestselling author

Book story sets in winter 1857 in New-York. About Evelyn Atherton a fabulously beautiful women and the widow of Peter Atherton who got murdered one night when they both went together to the one of the sitting of the club where the people comes to talk with their dead relatives where a medium named Micheal Jordan who has a very attractive personality. Suddenly Evelyn is a prime murder suspect as Peter gives all his property to her in his will.After the case and bale Evelyn comes to Benet where Jordan satys and The case is now in the hand of Benjamin Rapling the business patner of Peter. Benjamin promice Evelyn that he will do all that things which is necessary to make Evelyn out of that case. Here in the Benet mansion Evelyn turns into a good medium for spirits and she begins to see some things which always disturbing for her..But she has to find the original murderer before times runs out.Will she able to do so?? She has to go through the evil spirits of past to know the Truth...the story line is very good and it gives us the flavor of like true story. The all characters are really very brilliantly described . The environment generated by description is brilliant. By the story line writer puts hand into the dark and bright side of woman thoughts very impressively. The sexual desires of a woman is described very sophisticated manner.The story goes from very shocking turns and the end will be also shock you if you dont guess the murderer correctly... As in my condition i guess the murderer in the middle of book that make the end little not surprising but yes the climax is very interesting..You cant put book away until you finish it.... undoubtedly .-
 Satyajeet Patil

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