Sunday, 24 April 2011

मिशन पोसिबल २०११ : आढावा (REVIEW)

Presenter: Percept Picture
SSJ Films
Story, Director: Pushkar Jog
Screenplay:Shirish Latkar
Music: Sai-Piyush
Camera: Sanjay Khanzode
Cast: Pushkar Jog, Manisha kelkar, Saie Tamhankar, Niranjan Joshi, Astad Kale, Mohan Joshi, Sharad Pokshe, Ganesh Yadaw, 

Pushkar Jog- the youngest actor-director of Marathi film industry, who has already proved his ability with 'Satya' , now goes a notch ahead with the musical thriller 'Mission Possible' which is written and directed by him besides acting.
The story of the film begins with events like dance competitions, turf fights, rose days, drugs and rock-n-roll, leaked exam papers, canteen blues and endless coffee sessions of college campus. Yash Kirtikar (Pushkar Jog ) is an enthusiastic collegian who has a dream girl in his mind, but does not reciprocate the girl Saie (Saie Tamhankar), who really loves him. He has his group of friends funnily named Neil, Nitin, and Mukesh (nothing to do with the actors and singers of Bollywood). Tragedy strikes when Yash and Saie open the lid on a drug and exam paper leak syndicate running in the college. Further, Yash, who is really in love with a girl Pearl (his dream girl-Manisha Kelkar) is implicated in her murder during a dance competition and is sentenced to a jail term.

ash with the help of a ‘Bhai’ (Ganesh Yadav) escapes from the prison and with the help of his friends, tries to reach the real killer.

The story and screenplay of Shirish Latkar does remind us of many Bollywood films in the past with similar sub plots. But, Pushkar does a wonderful job as an actor and director and also goes on to prove that he is a fantastic dancer. He has succeeded in giving enough scope to his young team of actors like Niranjan Namjoshi, Sai Tamhankar, Manisha Kelkar, Shantanu Moghe, Astad Kale, and Amrit. The dance sequences are slickly shot in snazzy music video style. The romantic song shot on the locales of Ladakh is comparable with any good Bollywood film picturisation.

The music and background music by Sai-Piyush is in tune with the youthful vibrancy of the film. The cinematography by Sanjay Khanzode is top-class especially in the musical and chase sequences. The film moves at a fast pace, required for a murder mystery and the editor does a good job. The senior actors like Mohan Joshi, Sharad Ponkshe,Ganesh Yadav, support well.
Basically it is a film by the youth and for the youth.
The highlight of the film is its slick presentation and style, a new benchmark in Marathi cinema.


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