Wednesday, 11 May 2011


A movie script which makes the hollywood jealous

 The first time i heard about the movie , my reaction was i have to see this one. coming from one of my favourite directors Nagesh Kukuonoor and performers like Naseereruddin Shah.

When i actually got down to see the movie , my feelings were mixed. The performances in the movie were just astounding , the direction was just superb ! but the only downer half way down the movie was i kept having deja vu of having watched the scenes in "Shawshank Redpemption" . The movie did not have the impact till it reached the climax scenes. It was then i realized that the movie was not at all what i expected it to be. And this my friends is a rare find in indian movies. I guess you all must agree with me on this particular point. After the climax was over all i could do was sit dumbfound. I was speechless. This movie that played before me was the best movie of this genre made by an indian in india. It was way better than shawshank redemption in many asepects. (although i am not her undermining the movie in any form , who can ever forget the narration by morgan freeman in that movie).

The direction needs applause by us all. The flashback type concept was great. The first scene when Chandrika (Juhi) meets the 3 convicts was unbelievable . (in the sense that this was actually directed by an indian director) . The contrast of the 3 characters that was potrayed by Nagesh in that scenario was overwhelming. The movie gives the viewer subtle hints throughtout which one realises once the climax scene was over. The best part of the movie was that each one of the dialogue was well built in to the plot of the movie. Starting from the "Aapko pehle kabhi dekha hai" to every other statment.

I think i do not need to comment on performance by Nasseeruddin Shah. He is just amazing. One of the best actors the Indian cinema has seen ever. He is complemented perfectly by Juhi, Nagesh , Gulshan and Jackie. The serious role of Jackie was just too good and he stood up to the role beautifully. Nagesh also played his character true to life.

In all , i would sign off by saying, that if you are one of the people who appreciate movies like shawshank redemption , fight club, memento then DO NOT MISS ON THIS ONE. I would rate the movie better than the afore mentioned 3 movies, and to be honest i loved them all. But if you are the kind who likes masala movies and do not want to appreciate the direction of the movie then this one is not for you. 

Directed by
Nagesh Kukunoor 
Writing credits
Nagesh Kukunoor  written by

Naseeruddin Shah ... Ishaan Mirza
Jackie Shroff ... Jaggu (Jagdish Prasad)
Juhi Chawla ... Chandrika
Nagesh Kukunoor ... Naagya
Gulshan Grover ... Mohan Kumar
Suresh Gera ... Doctor
Elahe Hiptoola ... Smriti Prasad
Vikram Inamdar

Ayesha Jalil ... Nagya's Mom
Aditya Lakhia

Sujata Mehta ... Jaggu's Wife
Sanjay Sharma ... Ishaan's Lawyer
Shri Vallabh Vyas ... Chandrika's husband

Produced by
Elahe Hiptoola .... executive producer
Sanjay Sharma .... executive producer: Metalight Productions
Original Music by
Salim Merchant  (as Salim)
Suleiman Merchant  (as Sulaiman)
Cinematography by
Ajayan Vincent 
Film Editing by
Sanjib Datta 

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