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This is the story of an 'common man' with simple dreams and a routine life, who can be found in any corner of the globe, chasing their dreams and hoping to realize them. Madholal Dubey is one of them. On one fateful day everything changes in Madho's life. He becomes a victim of an unfortunate incident and their dreams go upside down. He gets scared of death and looses all his faith in God and life. The film revolves around how Madholal and family encounter his fears and deceit.


Tension nahin lene ka bhai! Life hai, hota hai!!
Tension nahin lene ka bhai! Life hai, hota hai!! This is the message of the movie, Madholal Keep Walking. It is far interesting than what I expected, the movie is entertaining in most of the parts. By the term 'entertainment' I don't mean the cheap item numbers or faltoo PJs, it is light-hearted entertainment. The movie revolves around Madholal, and he is working as a Security guy in an office. The movie is about him, his life and the things happening around him. The lead actor looks promising, and he delivers his expressions excellently. The movie totally belongs to him, awesome performance!! The other artists are good, especially the actress who played Madholal's wife. There are some very good scenes in the movie which will make a strong impact on the viewers' minds. The only drawbacks of the movie are few scenes before the ending, and one song played in the background several times. The song 'Naina Lagey' seemed irritating in various places. The last few scenes were highly dramatic, but still the movie is a good attempt. Another problem I noticed is the poster. Looking at the poster I expected the story of some IT guys!! Anyway, the movie is surely better than many of the 2010 movies, it is worth a watch, for sure. 

Directed by
Jai Tank 
Produced by
Apurva Tank .... producer
Original Music by
Ketan Sodha 
Tanuj Tiku 
Cinematography by
Akash Deep 
Film Editing by
Navendu Sharma 


Credited cast:
Varnita Aglawe Varnita Aglawe ...
Sumi Dubey
Parth Akerkar Parth Akerkar ...
Swara Bhaskar Swara Bhaskar ...
Sudha dubey
Subrat Dutta Subrat Dutta ...
Madholal Dubey
Jayant Gadhekar Jayant Gadhekar ...
Neela Gokhle Neela Gokhle ...
Kamla Dubey
Harish Harihot Harish Harihot ...
Manoj Kolatkar Manoj Kolatkar ...
Joshi kaka
Pranay Narayan Pranay Narayan ...
Rohit Rohit ...

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