Tuesday, 3 May 2011


33 year old marries a dog
Sounds like a new trend? This is a recent tale of a psychotic 33 year old guy who married a stray dog. After killing 2 dogs about 20 years ago, the man believed that marrying a female dog was the only way by which he could make up for his gruesome act.

Lifetime spent amongst the dead for a good night sleep
60-year-old Indian, Mukund Agte heads towards the city’s crematoriums ever night, in order to sleep in peace. While most people wouldn’t dare doing this, Mukund Apte has spent his entire lifetime sleeping admits the dead corpse.
Happily married with a wife, children and grandchildren, no man in the face of this world could ever imagine this neatly dressed, salaried employee spending most of his time in a crematorium.
He visits his family during weekends, and continues to live this horrifying life.

67 fans die of shock over the death of their leader
In a recent air crash incident, Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, left this world, leaving all his fans in great remorse. The news of his death shook some of his fans so badly that 67 of them died of shock or by committing suicide.

1 man and 14 wives
One may find it difficult leading a double life, but you will be surprised to know that a 40 year old employee of Air India was living with 14 wives since several years, until he was caught red-handed.
Tushar Waghmare married 14 women in a span of two-and-a-half years. A high profile job with a great salary worked to his advantage in fooling his bride and their family members.
He was incidentally caught when two of his wives accidentally bumped into each other. The interference of the cops revealed that he had married 14 times. After this, who says, “Marriages are made in heaven.”

Sweet eating contest claims 1 life
A laddu eating contest claims the life of a 39 year old catering worker in India. The man was suffering from diabetes, but couldn’t hold his temptation, and gulped down 7 laddus without stopping. This act proved costly as he was declared dead at the hospital footsteps.

Marriage of two trees
You must have heard marriages of animals, but what about trees marriage? In Orissa, a state in India, villagers performed marriage of a banyan tree with a peepal tree. Over 2000 people attended this marriage with colorful possessions and blessings. The trees were garlanded and rituals were chanted, followed by fireworks, dancing and a grand feast for the 2000 attendees. You thought only human beings can pull crowds?

Father at 88
An 88 year old man fathered a son in the Barmer district of Rajasthan (state in India). His wife is 45 years younger than him, and the couple is happy over their achievement. 88 year old, Budhia Ka Tala eats three meals a day and walks around 10 to 35 km on daily basis.

Elephant robs vehicle owners
India is a home to nearly 50%of the wild Asian elephants. A wild elephant in Orissa (state in India) blocks vehicles on the highway, and do not allow them to pass by unless they offer him with food. It forces them to get down of their vehicles, and bribes them like a traffic policeman.

Child dropping ritual
Would you allow someone to drop your few years old child from 20 feet? In a strange ritual performed in a temple in Karnataka, couples without children for a long time come to fulfill their vow that if they were blessed with a child, they will have the newborn child dropped from the village top.
The village priests throw the children from the temple top with few men holding a cloth beneath to catch the dropping child. A slight mishap would mean death however, not a single child has sustained any kind of injury so far.

Wife union to beat up husbands
Husbands beating their wives are often heard. However for a change, in Madanpur, a village in Uttar Pradesh, housewives have formed a union to beat up husbands. In the Madanpur village, most husbands do not work, and indulge themselves in activities like smoking, drinking, gambling etc. The main agenda of this union is to beat up husbands raising their hands on their wives or indulging in any unwanted activities. Sticks and hands are the weapons of operation.

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